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Leader's Speech


Leader's Speech

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Tonle Machinery
Ups and downs, Tonle has too numerous to record its ten-year history;
Determined from the very beginning, it connects with beers; traveling in hardship, we have experienced many gains, losses, joys and sorrows;
Facing opportunism and money inducement, where should we go make us wander in dilemma;
Luckily, it is you who has helped us, which make us determined gradually!
Year after year, after trivial and big events, we have developed mutual trusts;
No matter easy or difficult events, we bear together!
By attracting talents, we have enhanced own strength and achieved scale production;
With strong management, we have improved efficiency and achieved service improvement;
By creating conditions, we have promoted numerical control equipment and established technology leadership;
By seizing an opportunity, we have created the core product and firmly secured half of the country!
With meager experience, we have finally fulfilled the mission and made the whole machinery off assembly line;
By all assistance, we have debuted in the industry with brilliant future!
Looking back the decades of Tonle, it has changed day by day; with joys, we are satisfied;
For an enterprise should be shaped after 100 years, we remember our predecessors and learn from them!
Concern about quality, unchanged objective, dedicated service and constant target!
Self-improvement is my responsibility and our faith can be seen by the sun and moon;
Cooperation, mutual encouragement and friendship with you will last forever!
All friends can obtain smooth career and vast fortune, I wish!
All friends can be health and happiness, I wish!
I wish…