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Website of Laizhou Tonle Machinery Co., Ltd. will be launched soon.



Website of Laizhou Tonle Machinery Co., Ltd. will be launched soon.

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2018/03/11 02:25
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In the tenet of “Profession, Quality, Technology, Service”, Laizhou Tonle Machinery Co., Ltd. starts from labeling machine parts processing and pays attention to every technical detail to achieve the domestic first-class quality, with rich experience and profound understanding about labeling machine after getting in touch with large quantities of advanced labeling machines and learning its technical content. With the accumulation of a large number of production experience and technical information, the company has independently developed the “Multi-functional Automatic Rotary Labeling Machine” and become popular quickly in the beer, wine and health wine and high-end wine industry, well-acclaimed by customers.
Now, Tonle has formeda good development mode integrating component, transformation and complete machinery production. In the future, we will continue to improve the development ideas, taking the “Users’ Benefit First” and “Complete After-sales Service Team” as a higher subject.
In the profession way and the idea of technological leadership, Tonle promotes China’s labeling machinery cause to a new level.