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Automatic Rotary Labeling Machine

HL2Y-42XS Visul servo positioning labeling machine


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HL2Y-42XS Visul servo positioning labeling machine

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I. Main advantages
1. With high productivity of 50000 bottles/ hour, the servo motor can break limit of traditional mechanical positioning without wear and errors can be compensated by servo motor.
2. Flexible, the visual servo positioning system can prestore labeling curves of several bottle types whitch ensure fast change-over among bottle types, while the labeling machines with mechanical positioning function fail to have the above functions.
3. Economic, the visual camera system realizes non-contact positioning on various kinds of bottle types without thickening bottom and body of bottles, greatly saving material cost.
After positioning the concave and convex, picture, colored patches or other marks of the rotating bottles, the visual camera system will give signals to servo motor for rotating, therefore, the servo motor will rotate accordingly to realize positioning labeling.
II. Machine parameters
Model: HL2Y-42XS
Main motor power:7.5Kw
Main voltage:380+-10%
Suitable for bottle type: ∮35-100,H=210-300
Maxium label width: 125mm
Capacity: 50000 bottles/ hour
Speed adjustable range: 3000-50000 bph
Dimensions: 3380*3330*2720mm
Weight: about 11000kg
Compressed air: 0.08m3/min (prssure, 0.6Mpa, no oil)
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