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Aim to be a professional century enterprise. 
We deeply know how severe the problems are in market competition, talent training, capital investment we have to face.
We believe that our future is bright by constant self-improvement in the profession way, the basic principle of “Quality First”.
The past of Tonle was full of hardship but fruitful while the present is brilliant and prosperous! We feel deeply the meaning of both opportunities and challenges and clearly understanding the nature of life-cycling between demand and supply. We love life, so we put life into career and for we love our careers, we take careers as life!
We will concentrate on our business for a century!
In a few years ago, we used to be very confused because there were too many opportunities and challenges and money temptation in the industry. Customer processing requirements can obtain huge rewards. However, we encounter another contradiction-complex variety production takes a lot of time, so that we cannot focus all our attention to urgent research work, and even affect our attention to details. This is not what we want or our style, so we are facing with choices. To love labeling machine, we should concentrate on it, so as to understand every detail to make first-class equipment, continuously improve equipment and remain in labeling machinery industry. Therefore, giving up all other products, we persist in the profession way. We believe that profession, the style of Tonle, can ensure quality.
An accurately positioned product is the cornerstone of century enterprise while quality is the life of products. We are concerned about all details and do not let any doubt go, which means to understand all contents, so as to ensure quality of our products technically; stringent raw materials procurement and testing procedures, unique full CNC equipment in the industry, stringent processing requirements, careful talent selection and training mechanism and safe and effective packaging and transport are the quality control means for us. In the highly competitive market, we always adhere to the principle of quality first instead of compromising to price. To ensure quality is our style and our pursuit of quality will never stop. We firmly believe - that only high quality products can win customers, market and the future.
Science and technology are primary productive forces forever, which is probably even more so for our industry. Therefore, we are concerned about the development of world’s most advanced similar enterprises and strive to keep up their paces rather than being left too far. Following the pioneers and waiting to surpass enterprises in the same level may be the most severe test for our technical work for a long time in the future.
To develop high-quality products and make our products always ahead of competitors, we must surpass them technically. Over the years, we remain technology leadership at home. To remain the position forever, we have developed the corresponding manpower training and development measures, and ensure 7.5% of sales funds to be annual technical inputs.
We believe-advanced technology is product leadership.
We believe that the development and future of an enterprise cannot do without the support and cultivation of users. To review the history of Tonle, we’d like to return them with the best quality services. Therefore, our service concept is broad. Firstly, we think that all production is for customer services from raw material procurement, production and processing, packaging, to final commissioning installation, so we are not slacking off in each step. Good products are just half of good service. The meticulous, thoughtful and effective after-sales service is the real ability of Tonle. Our service philosophy is to “Improve the Quality of Your Labeling”, namely, to ensure user’s production standards. In case of rare types and users’ difficult problems, we will be responsible forever, and send special personnel to solve users’ worry. “User Satisfaction” is our service; “User Supreme” is our service standard.