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Product Knowledge


Product Knowledge

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Product Knowledge How to maintain the product with the power? 
1, Weekly, dial Lubrication care bottles.
2, note the pressure when the butter, individual points may help large (such as: the main bearing lubrication point.)
3, the day shall be clean and lubricate each drum, such as wheels, sliders, etc., check the tightness of the drum screws, loose parts must not be any free position.
4, note that the surface rubber layer and the target for the amount of compression rollers should be 0.1 ~ 0.15mm. Standard board is too small to take plastic enough is too large causing a strong impact on the cot.
5, note that with the standard target for the amount of positions in the label should be pressed 1 ~ 1.5mm. Tailor the maximum compression standard, the minimum standard foil. Excessive compression standard and tear easily rub mark; is too small, leading to lack of labeling the surface stick to the glue to take the bottle away after the mark.
How to buy with the power products? 
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