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Paying Attention to Users, Satisfying Users

After-sale Service


After-sale Service

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We believe that the development and future of an enterprise cannot do without the support and cultivation of users. To review the history of Tonle, we’d like to return them with the best quality services. Therefore, our service concept is broad.


Firstly, we think that all production is for customer services from raw material procurement, production and processing, packaging, to final commissioning installation, so we are not slacking off in each step. Good products are just half of good service.


The meticulous, thoughtful and effective after-sales service is the real ability of Tonle. Our service philosophy is to “Improve the Quality of Your Labeling”, namely, to ensure user’s production standards. In case of rare types and users’ difficult problems, we will be responsible forever, and send special personnel to solve users’ worry. “User Satisfaction” is our service.


“User Supreme” is our service standard.